Engaged, Now What?

Now the stress of “will she say yes” part is out of the way it’s time to think about all the other things which will make your wedding day one to remember! Here are a few tips to think about.

Spread the word.
Climb to the roof tops and shout it to the world! In the past people just told friends, family and literally anyone and everyone. These days Facebook and Twitter have taken over for spreading the news. The main thing is don’t feel shy about telling everyone your news. Weddings are always something to be excited about and people will want to congratulate you. Just remember to tell your parents first, it’s probably not the best idea for them to hear about your special day via the internet 😉

The fun part or is it? You need to celebrate in the way that is best for you. This might be an engagement party with a theme or a casual get together with friends. Either way make sure you do it your way and no one elses way, Have a blast!

Your guest list for the breakfast.
This will test you now, as you never really know how many people are going to come but you will always run into issues with venues being too big or too small and the age old question of who to invite! Now comes the costly part, you’re paying by the head, food and drink will be one of the biggest single items from your budget so be tough, if you haven’t spoken to friends and family for years then don’t invite them, don’t give in to members of your family about who to invite! It’s your day 😉

Being realistic about your budget.
It’s time to go and speak to the family (maybe) about who will be paying for which parts of the wedding as traditionally the parents foot the bill. Unless you’re a modern day couple who wants to do it themselves. One thing to remember is that some of the best weddings featured on the internet are DIY and easily affordable.

Visit some venues and set a date
This will be one of the hardest things to decide on unless you’ve had your hearts set on a location for a while. Really you should start looking for a venue really early on in the planning stage. Have an idea of the number of people you’re thinking of inviting so not to overcrowd the room.

Never search for “wedding venue” in Google, think about large open spaces like industrial and warehouse inspired locations or maybe even a barn in the woods, these will offer large open spaces which you can dress up to create a perfect setting with ample space for dancing and guests.

Those wanting the more traditional venue, pop along to as many as you can, search for past weddings on the internet which have used these spaces and see how it looked.

You have to be confident that it will be exactly how you envisage.

Buy bridal magazines and visit some blogs
I’ve never read a bridal magazine and I mean never! But you find some brides and brides mothers rave about them! In today’s times the internet has taken over and it’s all about wedding blogs! This saves you a large amount of money which could be put to something more useful as the average magazine costs around £4.99 compared to the free web blog you can read at any time.

Wedding Planners
The expert, the person who will take care of every little detail, the one person who will know what to do in an emergency! These are the people who will make your life easier by making sure you enjoy your time rather than worrying about the details. If you book a planner first ask them for suggestions on who they might think will suit your day as they’ve worked in the industry and will have good connections.

Choose a Photographer / Videographer
This is the part where some of you say “How Much” but these are the people you should really consider spending your wedding budget on. It’s your day and it’s important that you capture it how you want to.

The photography part may not be high on your list which is great as you may want to save costs and spend more on other parts of your day. But for those of you thinking about the ‘friends’ proposal of taking free photos of your day, take a moment to think about it.

Remember these photos will be the start of your family album so start it the best way possible.

If you’re not using a professional photographer then you may want to consider some of the following points.

  • Take them along to the venue at a date and time with similar conditions so they know what the scene will be like.
  • Try a few poses out before hand, just to make sure they can capture what you’re after.
  • Ask them to take more than one photo at a time, as guaranteed someone will be blinking!
  • Ask them to photograph your engagement party so you can see they can cope with the pressure as photographing a wedding can be a very daunting task especially if it’s their first one.

Visit a few wedding shows / fairs
Today’s wedding fairs are a very good way to start looking at ideas whether its cake designs, dresses, colour schemes or flower arrangements if they don’t have it on show then they don’t make it! These events are every brides dream as they bring together a whole host of suppliers and experts in one room so you can bring your mum or bridesmaids along to start your wedding planning.


One thing I’ve been told I’ve missed is the Dress! Not sure how I could miss this really! So I decided to let  Eve’s Collection Bridal Shop  fill you in on the details.

The Dress

Your Bridal gown is most probably going to be the single most expensive item of clothing you ever buy. It should make you feel confident & comfortable and, whilst it’s probably unlike anything else in your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Once you start to try dresses on, you may find that your dream style is wildly different to what you always imagined, so don’t be afraid to explore & experiment with details, cut & fit. A professional boutique will use their expertise to encourage you to try a variety to ensure that when you find “The One” you will know. Our key piece of advice? Don’t take too many people to your initial consultations, narrow down your search a little first as it’s you who will be wearing the dress and nobody else. Enjoy your big day!

To find out more about Eve’s Collection check out their Facebook & Website and maybe even follow them on Twitter

Facundo - Brantly, A friend of mine would like to have her dahgetur’s portrait made, and wondered if you’d be willing to do that. They already have a photographer, because the wedding will be in Charleston. Sara Lynn Marks, 779-1425Hope you are doing well, and we love seeing Katherine Grace on your blog. She continues to grow and is beautiful! Sally Aldridge(Julie’s Mom)

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